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If you are looking for the perfect finishing touch to your costume or an entire head to toe ensemble, Pib's takes care of all your dress-up needs. Open year round, Pib's is here for your weekend theme-party or future festivities.

We sell a wide variety of accessories and have hundreds of adult costumes for men and women. We also have a variety for those in need of plus sized costumes. Many of the companies we order from offer 1x-3x sizes.

Rentals:     Currently we are only renting our Santa Claus and Easter Bunny costumes. 

Costumes shown are examples of what we carry. Please call the store to find out what we have in stock!

Leg Avenue - Heroes and Villans 

Need some inspiration? <<

Pretty Paper Doll
Village Beauty
Classic Beauty
Hypnotic Miss Alice
Classic Alice
Deluxe Mad Hatter
Delightful Hatter
Cozy Cheshire Cat
Darling Cheshire
Cozy White Rabbit
Queen's Card Guard
Deluxe Queen of Hearts
Wonderland Chess Queen
Deluxe Snow White
Hipster Snow
Hipster Mermaid
Bewitching Evil Queen
Deadly Dark Queen
Evil Enchantress
Cozy Villian
Princess Aurora
Enchanting Cinderella
Classic Cinderella
Captivating Miss Red
Cruel Diva
Sunflower Princess
Desert Beauty
Golden Glimmer Mermaid
Darling Babydoll (Plus)
Gothic Darling
Pastel Curly Bob Wig
Pastel Curly Bob Wig
Pastel Marie Antoinette Wig
Pastel Powdered Wig
Versailles Beauty
Deluxe Marie Antoinette
Gatsby Flapper
Foxtrot Flirt
Foxtrot Flirt
Charleston Charmer
Speakeasy Sweetie
Men's Bell Bottom Pants
Gold Foil Zebra Disco Shirt
Disco Diva
Disco Doll
Starflower Hippie
Groovy GoGo Girl
Purple Haze Hippie
Black Sea Buccaneer
Caribbean Castaway
High Seas Pirate Captain
Seven Seas Beauty
Ghost Pirate
Captain Blackheart
Sultry Senorita
Pirate Scoundrel
Captain Scurvy
Brass Knuckle Babe
Centurion Warrior
Faux Leather Plague Doctor Mask
Hooded Button Front Cloak
Egyptian God
Velvet Victorian Ball Gown
Beerfest Beauty
Grim Executioner
Sugar Skull Senorita
Ninja Kigarumi Funsie
Ninja Assassin
Stealth Ninja
Shadow Ninja
Dragon Ninja
Golden Goddess
Nile Queen
Gauze Dress in Black
Gauze Dress in Ivory
Faux Leather Arm Warmers
Mystic Vixen
Rebel Red Coat
Native Princess
Cozy Viking
Warrior Harness Vest

Leg Avenue - Eras and Historical

Leg Avenue - Occupations

Naughty Nun
Red Hot Fire Captain
Code Red Cutie
Hospital Heartbreaker
Head Nurse
Bedside Betty
Head Stoppin' RN
Heart Stoppin' RN
Bank Robbin' Bandit
Ship Shape Sailor
High Seas Honey
Sequin Sailor
Classic School Girl
Teacher's Pet
Naughty Nerd
Police Shirt
Deluxe SWAT Commander

Leg Avenue - Spooky

Lace Extendable Bat Wing Shrug
Cozy Bat Wing Shrug with Ears
Bat Kigarumi Funsie
Creepy Circus Clown
Jersey Pumpkin Dress
Jersey Ghost Dress
Vampire Temptress
Blood Countess
Deluxe Count Drac
Gothic Darling
Cozy Black Window
Jersey Spiderweb Dress
Bony Hands Bustier
Side Slit Skeleton Dress
Skeleton Kigarumi Funsie
X-Ray Skeleton Catsuit
Skull Garter Dress
Hipster Skeleton
Skull Bandana
Bone Daddy
Pagan Witch
Spiderweb Witch
Crafty Vixen
Darling Spellcaster
Phantom Velvet Cape
Gothic Dress
Immortal Mistress
Sequin Dress
Sexy Soul Stealer

Leg Avenue - Toys and Animals

Wind Up Monkey
Daisy Bee
Love Bug
Golden Glimmer Mermaid
Dark Water Siren
Deadly Land Shark
Tux & Tails Bunny
Cozy Fawn
Festival Monarch Butterfly Wings
Cheshire Foam Mask and Gloves
Foam Wolf Head Mask
Foam Angry Cat Mask
Rainbow Unicorn Headband
Silver Unicorn Horn Head Piece
Mouse Kit
Pretty Kitty Accessory Kit
Masquerade Rabbit Mask
Sparkle Bunny Kit
Wicked Kitty
Feline Femme Fatale
Spandex Catsuit
Darling Kitty Kit
Pretty Paper Doll
Dead Eye Dolly
Wind-Me-Up Dolly
Darling Babydoll
Buckle Front Glitter Turn Key
Sex Kitten
Cozy Goldfish
Cozy Owl
Cozy Lion